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N I C O L E T T E   S W E E N E Y 

"When I see one of Ingrid's photos, I live vicariously through the person being captured.  All of a sudden, I enter a world inside their smile and behind their tears.  I know their story without knowing them at all.  I see their heart.  Ingrid introduces people through photos.  She unintentionally connects them to one another as she encapsulates their most human moments. Her eye is like no other and her ability to read a person through a lens is uncanny."


A L Y   M E T C A L F E 

"What a pleasure it has been to work with the lovely & talented Ingrid Bostrom! She has done several photo shoots for our yoga studio and every session is a unique gem. She turns ordinary settings into artistic backdrops & is a sublime master of light. In addition to her artistic talent, she is also wonderful to work with: fun easygoing company, punctuality & upmost professionalism. I give Ingrid my highest recommendation without any reservation."


E V   P O B A R

"Ingrid is such a pleasure to work with! I am always so stunned to see her photographs! Not just of me or my colleagues but all of her work! She is so talented! Yoga photo shoots are especially fun with her! She truly captivated the joy I have for my yoga practice and captured my smile. I sometimes don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera and I can make it complicated, but instead of feeling vulnerable and embarrassed, Ingrid helped me have a fun experience where I felt free to show myself every time we got together. Now I really enjoy being in front of the camera! She has such a gift and I’m very grateful to have worked with her so much!"


D O L L I A N N E    L I P M A N

"I’ve worked with Ingrid twice now and enjoyed every moment. Our first photo shoot was set up by Evolation Yoga where I teach. I had not met Ingrid beforehand, but with her great energy I felt comfortable right from the start. Ingrid has a mindfulness in her craft that captures a moment and makes it timeless. She has an eye for the simple and makes it profound. I look forward to working with Ingrid again."

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